A Staff Nurse Resume Should Reflect The Whole You

Every employer is looking for a specific set of skills and expertise from job-seekers that match the skills necessary to perform a particular job. The staff nurse resume needs to demonstrate this PLUS the value you bring.

Every employer is searching for a specific set of skills and expertise from job-seekers that match the abilities essential to carry out a specific job.  The staff nurse resume is no different.   It should clear describe not just credentials and qualifications, but all of you hard and soft skills

To begin with, a resume must contain your complete name, schools, full mailing address, telephone numbers and email addresses.

What To Include

Apart from that a staff nurse resume must consist of the following details:

  • A clear cut career and job objective which shows your orientation to the employer.
  • Your resume should have the names of each of your employers and your matching job titles.
  • Offer a short description about the employer like what they are doing, if they are not popular.
  • The number of staff that you manage( if appropriate).
  • Discuss your education, training and licenses along with scholastic honors, scholarships and after-school activities.
  • As a specialized professional nurse, demonstrate what type of private you are and give as much details as possible of your abilities and experience.
  • Discuss your interactions with other departments, external firms and healthcare professionals.
  • Highlight your responsibilities and responsibilities as a signed up nurse, including preparation, assessing and evaluating patient care, record keeping, the kind of work or ward and routine jobs performed et

The Narrative

Present a narrative statement of your value.  Include things like:

  • experienced with a comprehensive background like pediatric,oncology, long-term care and ICU/ER
  • understanding of Medicare home health regulations and JCAHO standards/reimbursement requirements
  • registered nurse with 10 years of track record offering quality, patient focused care in home, hospital, nursing house, hospice and private workplace settings and so on

Highlight any other accomplishments that have benefited to your department and certainly your organization in general.

In short, they staff nurse resume does not have to be complicated, but it does need to show who you are, the value you can add, and how you can contribute.

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