Do Nurses Hate Doctors?

Do nurses dislike doctors? Are nurses irritated by physicians.

Throughout my occupation as a registered nurse, I can not bear in mind a nurse ever expressing a disgust for physicians as a whole, or the medical professional’s occupation. I can tell you that I certainly do not dislike doctors.

All of us have our function in the medical area. Medical professionals have their extent of practice and also role, and also as registered nurses, we likewise have our range of practice as well as duty.

Having stated that, I can tell you that as a new registered nurse, you’ll quickly learn that some physicians are really easy to function with. Some medical professionals are superb listeners.

I’ve discovered that when an individual likes their medical professional, he or she is probably going to be well suched as amongst nurses, also.

On the various other hand, some medical professionals are not so simple to function with. Some doctors can be bad-tempered or impolite.

That’s not true with simply medical professionals, yet with every one of your coworkers. Fellow registered nurses, CNAs, etc. You’ll delight in dealing with some, however others might be an undesirable experience.

I’m glad for doctors. Medical professionals need registered nurses and also nurses need physicians.

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One thought on “Do Nurses Hate Doctors?”

  1. Nurses don’t hate the doctors. We love our doctors both men and women.Doctors are part of the medical team, infact they bring in the money.Doctors are the image of the hospitals. Nurses complain when they do not give nurses the orders, respond to their pagers.
    Nurses hating the doctors is an abomination ,and is totally unacceptable. If you are a nurse and you “hate” the doctors, you are in a wrong profession. I like the doctors, infact I wish I will be a doctor but cannot afford it. Please Doctors you are part of our Medical team. We cannot afford to hate you.Thanks

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