Do You Have Your Own Nursing Diagnosis For Stress?

If anxiety and burnout is how you describe your nursing career, you need your own nursing diagnosis for stress! Here is a simple nursing care plan for stress and anxiety.

stress care plan

Nurses are always writing a diagnosis for their patients.  After all, patents come first, don’t they?  But if stress and burnout are part of your life, maybe you need your own nursing diagnosis for stress.

Are you pushed for time in your nursing profession? Are you constantly on the go? Do you ever feel stressed out? Are you stressed out throughout the day in your nursing profession?

You know what we mean. You get up in the early morning and need to hurry out of the door to get to your nursing task.  At your job, you have 100 things coming at you and a list of tasks to get completed before the end of the shift.

You hurry around your house, you look after the “stuff” in your home, and do it once again the next day.

So how do you deal with the stress in your nursing career?

More and more nurses are dealing with stress unsuccessfully throughout their the day. Increasingly more health concerns are arising because of it.

How can you kill the root of stress to live a better and healthier career and life?

Nursing Care Plan For Stress

Here is a simple “nursing care plan for stress” to better cope with your nursing day:

1. Plan your day. Write down the tasks that you need to do for the day. Use a day planner, your smart phone, or other device. There are lots of  day planners. Select the one that works for you and your needs.

This will assist you to see what truly is necessary to get done. And — what is trivial in your day. This alone can help reduce the stress in your day by half!

2. Arrange time for YOU. Every week take some time for you. Whether it is a whole day or a few hours, put in the time for you.

Watch a film, walk, get your nails done or go get a massage. Do whatever you like to do to relax. This can actually help you focus and get more done. You will also gain more physical, mental, and emotional energy.

3. Delegate.  Nothing new here…. unless you aren’t doing it.

If you have too much to get done, delegate jobs out to another person.  This doesn’t just apply to your nursing work.  You can delegate errands, chores, etc…

It is all right to get assistance. Ask for help from good friends, family, or co-workers. Or employ someone to take some of the work off of you. When you do everything, stress takes control. Your life will start to collapse.

These actions are just a start.   Select 2  steps and begin implementing.

It is time to get back a much better profession and life. You became a nurse to help others.  It’s okay to help yourself as well!

What do you do to cope and manage stress in your nursing career?  Share in the comments below…

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