Male Nurse – Female Patient [RANT]

Let me toss this by you fellas, this one heads out to my CNA’s, PCT’s, Nurses, RT’s … everybody men that have bedside obligations. Do not you just get an overwhelming sense of “what-the-fuck-itis” whenever you’re simply on your change, you’ve simply had your report as well as you knock on that first telephone call light or report to the very first person of the day and as you present yourself excitedly and also excitedly you get the dreadful “I want a lady” action from the patient?!

“Hello. Mrs. Winston! I’m going to be your nurse, PCT, etc. for the day! If you need anything today let me understand, alright?!”

“Sorry honey, you’re a man, I require a women registered nurse to look after me today”

Usually they’re giving you time of non-verbal feedback like:

Or the other scenario. Your walkie talkie goes off and also the unit assistant states, “Hey Brad, Room 2100 requirements to utilize the toilet” and also you being the outstanding, solid male nurse that can turn ANY client answers the obligation (or the doodie in this situation). You walk right into the area all set to log roll and place that bedpan completely so Mrs. Johnson can take a substantial rectal emesis. You understand the client I’m painting a photo of in your head today? The one hip fracture from the SNF who has been constipated x4 days and had the digestive tract emptying program consisting of Colace, Miralax, Prune juice and also enemas x3.

So, back to it, you stroll in, automatically grab that bedpan and also they give you the appear like you’re concerning to steal their handbag. “Honey, I’m going to require a lady to put me on below for the little girls area”. Times such as this really make my eyes curtail into my head.

What I’m accessing is we as males in nursing face particular challenges in our method. Our women equivalents like us. We transform their clients. Redirect the combative ones. Transferring patients to other units (don’t exist girls, you understand those beds are hefty). However, a whole lot of times we are discriminated in method, against by women patients.

Getting in an occupation in which the demographics still stands that most of registered nurses are female was a choice I knew I was making. I do recognize that it ultimately is a patient right to have a same-gendered registered nurse, tech, CNA or whatever. What I do long for is much more acceptance of men in nursing. Think me I’ve had some NASTY appearances and things said towards me. Some amusing also like the time I was offering like a catheter (after the individual invalidated around it, yeah THAT sort of gap) and also stated, “does your partner understand you do this for a living”. I always delight in the senior as well as their jacked sense of wit.

When encountered with these concerns I always attempt to draw away the focus back to the individual, reminding them that there will undeniably be an await me to go and also grab my women coworker to aid them out. That in itself creates a problem on individual evaluation ratings. Genuinely a Catch 22 type thing. If suitable I will certainly remind the female patients that I am right here for 12 hours to help care for them, supply the ideal client treatment and also experience feasible, however it sometimes doesn’t work.

At the end of the day we as men in nursing can not determine our clients. We do not decide the care they need, the procedures they endure or the circumstances they face. However, I always attempt to teach as well as repeat to my female people that I am a registered nurse. I am right here to take care of you. If that involves anything they are uneasy with me doing to them then I follow.

On the flip side of this I have the women clients that absolutely love male registered nurses as well as techs. It’s constantly fulfilling to hear exactly how they believe (although 100% not true) that guys make better nurses. I can see why some women believe this but that’s one more tale for one more day.

That finishes up my bitch-fest about taking care of female clients! Allow me recognize on Instagram @malenurselife what you think are a few other concerns we encounter when caring for certain client types!


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