Neurology Nurse Practitioner Denise Bruen, MSN

Denise Bruen, MSN, is a registered nurse practitioner in the neurology as well as several sclerosis centers. Her individual experiences as well as interactions with registered nurses after her back surgical treatment as a young adult inspired her to seek her job. At the numerous sclerosis facility, she’s enthusiastic concerning looking after the person’s emotional and physical state and thankful for the opportunity to continue that care throughout their journey.

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My name is Denise Bruen, as well as I’m a registered nurse practitioner in the neurology clinic at UVA Medical Center. I specialize in dealing with individuals with numerous sclerosis and demyelinating conditions.

I had to have back surgery when I was a teenager. And also when I was in the hospital, the registered nurses made a big impact on me in terms of what I intended to be when I aged. So, I understood very at an early stage I wished to be a nurse.

I located the MS facility and neurology all at once, extra so in my later time of being a registered nurse specialist, and among the important things that really established it apart to me that I delight in the most is understanding these clients over a lengthy duration of time. Knowing them maybe when they’re first identified and obtaining wedded, having kids, aging and coping with the illness and also going along that entire trip with them.

I’m passionate concerning looking after the whole client. I think that’s one of the factors patients do travel up until now ahead see us. There are other MS centers of excellence on the eastern coast, yet a lot of people come particularly to UVA to get their care below since I think we take care of the entire patient from leading to toe along with all the psychological aspects that can come as living with someone with MS.

I assume that they obtain that when they come right here, that they’re somebody person, they each feel as a specific and not just one more client we’re looking after.

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