Neurosurgery Nurse Practitioner Karen Lohr

Karen Lohr, BSN, MSN, AG-ACNP is part of the neurosurgery team assisting patients after spine surgical procedure or brain tumor removals. A native to Charlottesville, she gained her bachelor’s and master’s in nursing from UVA. She enjoys being able to prepare individuals as well as relative to go through surgical procedure.

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My name is Karen Lohr, and I’m an adult-gerontology intense care nurse practitioner. I function here in the neurosurgery division at UVA.

I was simply drawn in to the wide variety of patients they have: from individuals having straightforward back surgical treatments to people having complex mind growths got rid of.

A great deal of patients that we see come in for neck discomfort or neck and back pain, as well as so a great deal of times I’m the initial person that they’re seeing at their first browse through.

Among things that I locate most satisfying is communicating with the clients and seeing their response to me. When I see them in the healthcare facility after their surgical treatment, they say things like, “Thanks for coming to see me!” To have the individuals consider that type of comments to us shows that we’ve made an influence on their life.

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