Nurse Practitioner: Catherine F. Sellers, AGPCNP-BC, BSN, MSN, RN

Nurse practitioner Catherine F. Sellers, AGPCNP-BC, BSN, MSN, Registered Nurse techniques at Fight it out Raleigh Healthcare Facility Cancer Cells Facility Radiation Oncology. Be familiar with her in this video and also find out more at

About Catherine Sellers

As a nurse professional, I am blessed to participate in the treatment of cancer individuals throughout their journey as well as grateful to be a part of the Duke Cancer Center team in Wake County. I have dedicated an excellent section of my occupation to the care of cancer individuals of all types, from strong growths to hematologic malignancies to primary mind lumps. As a caretaker of cancer cells patients in my own household, I really hope that I can offer understanding, all natural treatment to my people.

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