Male Nurses

Gundersen Lutheran in La Crosse, Wis. has a more than average variety of male nurses. Gundersen Lutheran registered nurse Paul Larson was on WXOW News 19’s Medical Monday report to explain why this is ending up being a nationwide fad.

How to Pick Up a Nursing Job Right Away

  Is there really a nursing shortage? Yes, there is. But when you’re unemployed, the only thought running in your head is: “I thought there was a fucking nursing shortage! Why can’t I get a job?” Well, it’s probably because you’re googling “how to get a nursing job” and following the advice you see. Lots … Continue reading “How to Pick Up a Nursing Job Right Away”

How to Get into Graduate School

What complies with is a list of action points on how to obtain right into graduate college for nursing. When you apply to so few institutions, you guarantee that the high quality of each application is greater than the top quality you ‘d see if you spread your attention across 30 various applications. As someone … Continue reading “How to Get into Graduate School”

Career Analysis: The Psychiatric NP

NPs will certainly jab back and claim that NPs cover for MDs all the time. Back to the nurse vs medical professional argument in psych: if both players(psychoanalysts and Psych NPs)primarily do the same thing, after that allow’s dive into the numbers to see which course makes far better financial sense. Theupside is that NPs … Continue reading “Career Analysis: The Psychiatric NP”

Are male nurses treated differently?

A consider how male registered nurses do treated versus female nurses.

How to Work with Women

Women communicate mainly to nurture relationships. On the other hand, men communicate mainly to exchange data. So how can men and women coexist in the workplace, often spending 12+ hour shifts together? The answer can be found in a joke. What’s the secret to a great marriage? A big house. The key to working with … Continue reading “How to Work with Women”

Welcome! MaleNurseLife is up & ready to go.

If you’re on this page, reading this I initially off desire to claim thank-you for checking out my brand-new blog site. I wanted to produce a website for male registered nurses, male nursing students, cna’s, and so on. Now that I’ve given a little bit of insight into the factor for this blog site, if … Continue reading “Welcome! MaleNurseLife is up & ready to go.”