Student Nurses – Episode 6 (Medical Documentary)

This documentary-series is complying with men as well as women at different stages of their nursing training in both Manchester and Birmingham, exposing the pressures and also challenges they need to encounter everyday, both in the classrooms and on the wards. #ExtraordinaryPeople Subscribe for even more incredible real-life tales! The house of real-life documentaries, including … Continue reading “Student Nurses – Episode 6 (Medical Documentary)”

Be kind to Nurses… They keep doctors from accidentally killing you!

A that 70s program mosaic to all the registered nurses available, particularly mine! & hearts;

Do Male Nurses Earn More?

Let’s dig right into the hot subject of gender equality. Especially, sex equality in the field of nursing. We search for some articles with intriguing concepts about why guys make money more and also if male registered nurses are far better than ladies. What do you believe about it? Sources: 5 Card Shuffle … Continue reading “Do Male Nurses Earn More?”

Nurses Share Their Worst Work Stories (Doctor Stories r/AskReddit)

Fresh AskReddit Stories: Nurses of Reddit: What’s your worst work-related tale?– LIKE As Well As I WILL CERTAINLY UPLOAD MORE REDDIT STORIES! #reddit #doctor #stories Music: Kevin MacLeod

Nurses, What Dangerous Health Tips You’ve Heard People Give Out? (Reddit Stories r/AskReddit)

Fresh AskReddit Stories: Doctors and Nurses of Reddit: What is the dumbest health tips you’ve heard people give out? — LIKE AND I WILL UPLOAD MORE REDDIT STORIES! #doctors #heath #tips Music: Kevin MacLeod

How Much $ Do Nurses Actually Make | How To Make The Most $$$

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Dear Nurses |

Dear Nurses, you are appreciated! A tribute to all nurses from the doctors who love you, with props to Tupac Shakur’s “Dear Mama.” Thanks to the hundreds of nurses who sent their pictures via — check their names at and happy Nurse’s Week! Written and performed by ZDoggMD with audio engineering and chorus … Continue reading “Dear Nurses |”

When This Mother Gave Birth To Her Baby, Nurses Were Shocked By The Newborn’s Hair

When one mama brought to life her brand-new baby, she could not wait to see what she looked like. When the mommy’s little woman got here, nevertheless, she wasn’t the just one shocked by the tiny toddler’s special looks. Actually, also her nurses could not hide their shock. In very early 2016 Jessica Smith lived … Continue reading “When This Mother Gave Birth To Her Baby, Nurses Were Shocked By The Newborn’s Hair”