Neuroscience Intensive Care Nurse Practitioner Bill Lombardi, NP

Registered nurse expert Bill Lombardi, NP, takes care of individuals in the Nerancy Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit (NNICU). His patients range from those with spine injury to those with traumatic brain injury, stroke, hemorrhages and mind growths. His love for science is matched by his love for working with people and also taking care of … Continue reading “Neuroscience Intensive Care Nurse Practitioner Bill Lombardi, NP”

WCU-Ontario Men in Nursing: June 2019

West Coast University-Ontario held its third yearly Men in Nursing occasion on June 25. American Association of Men in Nursing President Blake Smith was the keynote speaker. Complete write-up available at

Males/Men In Nursing! What’s It Like? – Coffee With Nurse Jenny

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Men in Nursing and Nursing School?

Men in nursing and nursing school? If there are any type of males in nursing college as well as how men are as registered nurses, many visitors have actually asked me. I wanted to provide my insight on this subject as well as motivate any males out there that are assuming about getting in the … Continue reading “Men in Nursing and Nursing School?”

Travel Nursing 101: Preparing for travel Nursing ( Before your first contract)

In this video I detail my preparation for beginning career in traveling nursing. The keep principles that one should concentrate on when they are planning for the traveling procedure.. Developing a Life you Love with Travel Nursing Event:. Look into my most recent” Increasing your nursing income after year 1!” video. CONNECT WITH ME. … Continue reading “Travel Nursing 101: Preparing for travel Nursing ( Before your first contract)”

Why we need more male nurses

Male Into Nursing Together (MINT) is a UK-wide support team for male nurses, set up by Sheffield Hallam trainees and tutors. Right here, they speak concerning why it is very important to motivate more men to enter into a nursing occupation. To subscribe to our channel click the link listed below

Secret Life Of Male Nurses

We’re all simply a nurse truly, but when you’re a man in a female dominated area you locate there are some differences. Today we speak about what it’s like being a man in a woman’s globe. When they’re posted, make certain and hit that like button as well as click the notice bell so you … Continue reading “Secret Life Of Male Nurses”

Why Nurses Eat Their Young!!!

Greetings my fellow Youtube Nurses, this is coming to you from! Do not neglect to go scope them out !!! So today’s subject is about “Nurses Eating Their Young” I provide a few reasons this occurs as well as share my individual experience!!! Lastly, I want to add that if this strikes you as … Continue reading “Why Nurses Eat Their Young!!!”

Day at Work: Registered Nurse

Keith Koga’s personal experiences with registered nurses are what inspired him to pursue a job in nursing. See this video to follow his trip! Check out extra job videos at Songs: Register for our channel on Facebook or Twitter!