Hey Guys! Right here is a quick update on my nurse expert binder – together with pointers on exactly how to start building your very own. The trick is to recognize your weakness and fill your binder with sources that will help you. Details modifications all of the moment, so it is essential to make … Continue reading “MY NURSE PRACTITIONER BINDER 2018 | NURSE LADA”

Do Male Nurses Earn More?

Let’s dig right into the hot subject of gender equality. Especially, sex equality in the field of nursing. We search for some articles with intriguing concepts about why guys make money more and also if male registered nurses are far better than ladies. What do you believe about it? Sources: 5 Card Shuffle … Continue reading “Do Male Nurses Earn More?”


Have you ever been scared to begin traveling nursing since a person informed you that traveling registered nurses were treated badly? Well, in this video I’m dishing all the tea about why traveling nurses are treated the means they are! THE SOCIALS: IG|@heynurserocky Email| #TravelNursing #nurse’ scoRNer.

Why Im Going Back to Being a RN Instead of a Nurse Practitioner

Why Im Returning to Being a Registered Nurse Rather Than a Registered Nurse Specialist In this video, i give you my leading 5 factors why i miss being a bedside Registered Nurse. ENJOY! ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ►.

Why I quit my job as a nurse

Do you know any nurses whoa re not in the profession? Why do many Filipino nurses quit the profession? I will share 4 of the most common reasons why and how we can do better in treating the hardworking pinoy nurses. #PinoyNurses #OFW #FilipinoNurses #Pinoy #PinoyVlogger #OFWNURSES