Registered Nurse (Episode 39)

A registered nurse informs Brian that “a significant component of nursing is having concern”. A signed up nurse has main responsibility for control of the person’s treatment and interacts with physicians, medical team, social workers and also the individual’s family members. Look into these sites to find out even more regarding choosing a job as … Continue reading “Registered Nurse (Episode 39)”

CNA / PCT Tips for Nurses: How to Treat Nursing Assistants

Nursing assistants play a critical role in the healthcare industry. In the nursing profession, we often refer to nursing assistants as our “eyes and ears.” When I’m referring to CNAs or nursing assistants in this video, I’m referring to all types of nursing assistants, including nurses aides, orderlies, nursing assistants, certified nursing assistants (CNA), patient … Continue reading “CNA / PCT Tips for Nurses: How to Treat Nursing Assistants”