When Nurses Try to Flirt 😂

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How To Make 3 Million Nurses Angry: The Maureen Walsh Story

This past week a Legislator from Washington made a statement about registered nurses that establish the net ablaze. She stated that registered nurses were resting around taking breaks as well as playing cards the majority of the day.

Let’s go over if this is right/wrong, and what do we do regarding it.

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Always A Nurse | ZDoggMD.com

A homage to nurses everywhere.

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Doctor’s Reaction to: “Nurses Play Cards” | Wednesday Checkup

A great deal of mad articles and also write-up have actually been shared on this subject and I wanted to chip in to offer some context. A few of the outrage is required as well as several of it is not. Please leap in and also let me understand your ideas!

If you have an idea of something you want me to cover comprehensive, please let me recognize since I take your demands seriously. We will certainly be back with more Medical Drama Review Series & Responding to Comments so please submit even more names of shows/episodes & Questions you ‘d such as for me to view. Love you all!

– Doctor Mike Varshavski

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Tips for Nurses Working in the Neuro ICU

I worked in a neurocritical care unit for 4.5 years. I was a charge nurse, preceptor, and have my CCRN. I recorded this short video to give those of you floating to neuro or new to the area some practical tips.

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Dear Nurses | ZDoggMD.com

Dear Nurses, you are appreciated! A tribute to all nurses from the doctors who love you, with props to Tupac Shakur’s “Dear Mama.”

Thanks to the hundreds of nurses who sent their pictures via http://facebook.com/zdoggmd — check their names at http://zdoggmd.com/dear-nurses and happy Nurse’s Week!

Written and performed by ZDoggMD with audio engineering and chorus vocals by Devin Moore. Directed and filmed by Tom Hinueber, edited by ZDoggMD.

And RIP Afeni Shakur Davis, Tupac Shakur’s mother, for whom the original 2Pac song “Dear Mama” was dedicated.

CNA / PCT Tips for Nurses: How to Treat Nursing Assistants

Nursing assistants play a critical role in the healthcare industry. In the nursing profession, we often refer to nursing assistants as our “eyes and ears.”

When I’m referring to CNAs or nursing assistants in this video, I’m referring to all types of nursing assistants, including nurses aides, orderlies, nursing assistants, certified nursing assistants (CNA), patient care technicians (PCT), and so forth.

Nursing assistants may have different certifications, different scopes of practice, and/or be called different names in different states or territories. These individuals have a physically demanding job, and they are often underappreciated by healthcare staff.

As a nurse, it’s important that you have a great working relationship with your nursing assistants (CNA, PCT, etc.).

Here are some tips to help you do that:

1. Be humble. Just because nurses have the authority to delegate tasks to the nursing assistant, it doesn’t mean we’re personally superior to them. Treat your nursing assistant with respect, just as you would another nurse or doctor.

2 Make them feel like they are a part of the team. Nursing assistants can gather important information as they care for patients. By having open communication with your CNA or PCT, you can gain critical insights that can help you provide better patient care.

3. Be a servant leader. If you see a nursing assistant struggling with patients, step up and give them a hand (if you can). It’s easy for them to get overworked and overwhelmed. By helping them out, they’ll be much more likely to return the favor, and the patient will receive great care.

4. Thank them. The nursing assistants sometimes get overlooked by patients and other members of the healthcare team. If you see a CNA or PCT that is working hard and going above and beyond, take time to recognize that by telling the nursing manager, giving them a recognition card, or talking to other nurses about buying a gift card (or lunch).

Nursing assistants provide a critical service to patients, and as a nurse, I’ve always been thankful to have nursing assistants by my side. By taking the time to treat them with respect, communicating with them, leading them, and thanking them, we can foster a great working relationship that will benefit everyone.

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