Nurse Reacts to Senator Maureen Walsh Playing Cards Video

I reacted to Senator Maureen Walsh saying that nurses play cards. I also reacted to her talking about the 8 hour shift limit for nurses. *This video was made for fun, it was NOT meant to be a personal attack on Maureen Walsh or an expression of my political views!* About me: I am a … Continue reading “Nurse Reacts to Senator Maureen Walsh Playing Cards Video”

VLOG | Advice for new nurses!

I vlogged my 8 hour nursing shift in the ICU and also the remainder of my day! I also offered my advice for brand-new nurses as well as revealed the 10k free gift!! About me: I went to nursing college to obtain my ADN, began working as well as then went back for my BSN. … Continue reading “VLOG | Advice for new nurses!”