Is Cali the Best State for Travel Nurses?

Hi Claires !!!!!! I lastly hit a 1K clients !!!! Thank you all soooo much!!!!! Follow Me on IG: @Court. is.Claire. Email: Everybody has actually read about Travel Nursing in California … I give you the Real Tea in this Video on if Cali actually is the most effective state for traveling nurses. Please … Continue reading “Is Cali the Best State for Travel Nurses?”

TRAVEL NURSE made $20,000 in 2 WEEKS

I saw this tale on facebook. This travel registered nurse made $20,000 in 2 weeks as a travel registered nurse. The hrs were crazy however as a travel nurse it is possible to make that kind of cash. I talk regarding having an open mind when taking jobs as well, as well as likewise having … Continue reading “TRAVEL NURSE made $20,000 in 2 WEEKS”


Finding real estate as a travel nurse is A HUGE STRESSOR and can either make or damage your traveling assignment. After utilizing 3 various methods of locating real estate I wanted to show to yall my experience. if you have questions do not be terrified to ask. ——————————————————————————————————— HIT MY LINE IG: ch33chers Snapchat: ch33chers … Continue reading “TRAVEL NURSE HOUSING: 🏡EVERYTHING YOU NEED KNOW🏡”

First Travel Nurse Assignment | Vlog #1

Invite individuals! I have determined to record my trips to share with friends and also family members, BUT to likewise share with those interested in travel nursing! I personally enjoyed numerous YouTube videos prior to taking a trip! I love to enjoy YouTube! Subscribe listed below and don’t forget to like! Leave me remarks and … Continue reading “First Travel Nurse Assignment | Vlog #1”

My First Travel Nursing Paycheck! | DETAILED BREAKDOWN | KeAmber Vaughn

N E W Video Clips Every TUE & FRI @ 8pm EST!! (as well as SOME SUNDAYS). Click “Show Even More” for more info & related videos. Hey yall! As guaranteed in Sunday’s video clip, right here is the break down of my very initial Travel Nursing Paycheck. It was WAY greater than I thought … Continue reading “My First Travel Nursing Paycheck! | DETAILED BREAKDOWN | KeAmber Vaughn”

Campervan Life: Conquering Iceland’s Ring Road and Golden Circle

Iceland The country of over 10,000 waterfalls, beautiful landscapes, Northern Lights that ribbon dance throughout the sky, some of the kindest people I have met in my world travels, and so much more. Did you know Iceland didn’t become a popular destination until 2010 when a volcano erupted causing a halt in many European flights? … Continue reading “Campervan Life: Conquering Iceland’s Ring Road and Golden Circle”

Antarctica: Adventure To The 7th Continent

For most the majority of have a goal objective visiting all seven continents, Antarctica is typically generally as the last due to the high price and also to get there. The primary means to get to Antarctica is by cruise ship. * This blog post is NOT sponsored by Quark Expeditions. Original source:

Watch Sky News live

View Sky News live. Today’s leading tale: A law requiring Boris Johnson to attempt to prevent a no-deal Brexit is entering into force, a travel warning for Bachelor’s Degree travelers as pilots begin their initial ever before strike and firefighters fight a major blaze in south London. Learn more of our leading tales here: No-deal … Continue reading “Watch Sky News live”

Answering Your Travel Nursing Most FAQ

The minimum requirement to be a travel registered nurse is 1 year of experience for flooring nursing and 2 years of experience for specialized nursing (i.e. OR, L&D, ICU, ED). When I first began travel nursing, 6.5 years ago, I had to firm jump because I simply didn’t feel like I was clicking with the … Continue reading “Answering Your Travel Nursing Most FAQ”

DO NOT QUIT your job and become a TRAVEL NURSE