Travel Nursing | Q&A with a travel nurse!

Everything You Need To Know About Travel Nursing...

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In this video clip I address FAQs regarding travel nursing!

Regarding me:
I loved traveling nursing so much yet I likewise like anesthetic so I went back to institution to end up being a CRNA. I intend to continue my travel nursing profession when I come to be a nurse anesthetist!

IG: @rhiannaferial
Snapchat: rhianna.ferial

Thank you so much for seeing! See you next week!

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She is impressive and I would not recommend her if I really did not like working with her! If you do I will certainly get a referral reward which will certainly help support me during school so I can continue making videos like this.
Lindsey Lax.
Phone: 888-568-7359.

My nursing favorites:.
Compression socks:
Nursing scissors:

My equipment:.
Laptop computer:
Cam setup
Ring light:

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