Neurology Clinical Nurse Specialist Dea Mahanes, APN

Dea Mahanes, APN, is a professional nurse specialist for the neurocritical treatment unit as well as the neuro intermediate device. She concentrates on offering the best possible person care by functioning directly with patients and personnel. She establishes systems that enhance person care and educates brand-new staff through programs such as her “neuro bootcamp”.

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My name is Dea Mahanes. I’m a professional nurse expert for the neurocritical care device and the neuro intermediate system. My role as a medical registered nurse professional is concentrated on influencing the best feasible person care with dealing with individuals and also households directly, working with team, as well as operating at the systems degree to improve the treatment we offer.

One of my locations of emphasis is placing into place systems that will certainly assist boost the quality of treatment that we offer to our individuals. Instances of that may be basic work, plans, as well as procedures: things that will certainly impact the care of people across a population or throughout the system.

As a professional registered nurse specialist, I provide education and learning to our more recent team, and also to some of our elderly staff. I really have a neuro bootcamp that every one of our newer team in the neuro ICU and the neuro intermediate unit participate in.

It’s 3 8-hour days, as well as we have a lot of visitor lecturers. A few of the staff registered nurses can be found in as well as instruct about their location of interest or know-how. Then we spend a long time on the device in fact exercising a few of the important things, like neurological evaluation, that the staff will require to recognize. It’s typically within their first six months of hire, yet the timing differs relying on the number of individuals that we have.

We spend one early morning going from the conversation that happens at the system degree about top quality as well as safety and security to the conversation that occurs at the solution line level, the neurosciences as well as behavior health service line leadership meeting, the unit based leadership meeting. After that we go to the scenario room so that we can see just how that rolls up at the business level.

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