This video has to do with registered nurses and doxxing. A nurse called Joshua Strickland obtained terminated lately over a selfie he published in a Facebook team called Nurses With Cards. He was reported by a fellow anonymous individual in the group for having a job identifier in the image. The individual that reported him declared that his job badge logo showed up. This in turn led to his discontinuation and also he was terminated the following day. This video clip is a comprehensive interview with Joshua Strickland. He reaches inform his side of the story.

There is an audio space from 17-20 min.


  1. The minute I heard (Arizona) I knew the outcome would not be good. A punitive state, where nurses/ np are disposable objects. The hospitals will fire a nurse in a heart beat , for really nothing at all . Certainly not something that any other employment area would . Not a occupation that requires so much education, responsibility , and preparation to do the job . This is not a position that requires no skills . A profession , but yet the nurses are fired, and reported to the AZ board of nursing . And that organization , is one that is very underhanded and work with the mgt in hospitals . (google) AZ STATE BOARD OF NURSING CORRUPTION WATCHDOGS . Avoid AZ , just getting fired will follow you , for ever . AZ is also full of those who would love to snitch others out ! You do have free speech rights, do not let them change you !! We need the name of the Mass. busy body / boycott St Lukes , !! You dodged a bullet there for sure !

  2. Why would anyone want to hurt another nurse, be petty, try to get them in trouble . While the AZ Corrupt Board of Nursing , is not suppose to be a ‘nurses friend ” but be objective . The board of nursing members and staff would not hesitate to get nurses from ever working again . They have destroyed nurses / np , over no issues. When it comes to a nurse reporting unsafe things and gets fired over it. There is always someone who wants to get someone in trouble, real dirty dogs . NO ONE should be telling you , you should have known better, you have freedom of speech , the Mass snitch should have known better ! St Lukes should have known better, and thought this out. Who would want to work for them !! St LUkes Stewart sucks

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